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Sooo... I got tagged by mags. I mean lollipopsocks

And that means... Here are six (yes, only six) of the many, many weird things about me:

--> When i hang washing on the line the pegs i use have to match, plus they have to colour coordinate with the item they're holding

--> I blink a lot. I hate it, it's horrible - i've seen myself on vid & it makes me look like an imbecile/halfwit. But it's an involuntary reflex so i dont know how to stop it

--> My eyelashes are much longer than they normally appear to be. The tips are blonde, so when i put mascara on (on the very rare occasion) they suddenly look about twice as long,... and the extra weight of the mascara makes them tap against the lenses of my glasses =P

--> Sometimes when I feel like my throat needs clearing, I'll make a little tiny clearing-my-throat sound repeatedly; my boyfriend thinks this sounds like i'm purring

--> i'm a hygiene/cleanliness/neatness freak in most respects,... yet my bedroom is a dusty mess that hasn't been vaccuumed in months

--> i love the stench of durian............................ just kidding!!!!!!! i'm not THat much of a freak ;P Actually I don't even like the taste of it, to be honest.

And now I have to tag six more people or something I guess? Hmmm... I never even use devart these days other than to browse others' work, so who's gona be reading my journal anyway? Oh wells, doesn't matter, I'll just tag a few anyways:


Happy now? =P

Alrighty I'm off again. Laterz. See you in another twenty years or something.

...And to reflect that conclusion, my avatar is now yellow.

Need I say more?
I'm nearly at the end of my turn on dA's canny marketing scheme (aka Free One-Week Subscription)... So it'll be byebye nice big thumbnails and all the rest pretty soon. Maybe once I'm working full-time I will get myself a subscription after all. We'll see :)

Anyway gotta get my act together and get my folio happening, or my hols will be over before I know it, and I won't have achieved everything I need to have done before I start my final semester as a full-time student.

Eep! Exciting but also scary.
My art is:

conceptually: boring, unoriginal
technically: poor, limited
stylistically: dull, uninspired

My aim is to:

Find the time to think about and work on my art until I can turn those negatives into positives!

That's all, folks.
This place is really bad for me. Well... good, but also bad. Inspirational yet depressing; unhealthily addictive yet wonderfully exciting.

Since I gave in to my brother's nagging and joined up, I have browsed so many inspirational artists and found so much inspiration in techniques, styles or subject matter that I could use to improve my own "art"... And yet instead of spending my spare moments putting such things into practice, I am caught... stuck on here... continually browsing others' art in a greedy sort of obsession to feed my eyes and mind.

I feel like a tiny, clumsy little moth circling a bright, beautiful golden lantern... drawn, entranced, to beat myself upon the hot glass, gazing in awe... wasting the hours of my life in admiring what I can never hope to achieve.... *sigh*....

...Er...Ahem! I think that's enough of the melodrama, eh!

Anyway, when I do eventually find the time for some drawing and designing that is worthy of upload, I shall move much of what is currently in my gallery into scraps. I know I'm a shockingly bad artist-wannabe at the moment (no, I'm not fishing for compliments, please... it just frustrates me when people say "No you're not, Becc; you're great!" I tell them, "Take a look around... open your eyes! Artistically, I'm a kindergarten kid compared to most of these people!")...

...But I do have optimism that with time and much practice, I will improve to a standard that doesn't frustrate me quite so much. (Oh, and if I ever get around to digging up some of my old traditional-art pieces I might upload a few; I'm actually kinda happy with some of them still!)

Oh, and one last thing...

I am yet to even create a DA avatar for myself, mostly because I haven't had a good idea for one... However I think I might hold off on that for a while. I believe a person without an avatar is probably less likely to have their gallery visited when they pop up on the radar for whatever reason... And at the moment, with my current standard of uploaded work... to remain unnoticed would be a good thing!

Besides that, all I should say is a cheerful "HELLO!" to anyone who happens to stumble across my page or who visits after I +fav or +watch them in awe of their beautiful art. Keep up the good work, folks...

...And I promise to EVENTUALLY upload something myself that is worthy of being viewed :)